About us

We work together with local people to provide a safe, positive experience of community to reduce isolation, build inclusion and confidence, and challenge injustice.


About Us

A day in the life of our community

Our short film introducing the classes, activities, advice, food and friendship we provide at West London Welcome:

We were set up by local people and first opened our doors in 2018.

We know it takes time to find a way to belong, especially after leaving one’s own country under traumatic conditions, so we strive to give people that time. We work together to build a safe, positive experience of community where strangers become friends.

In warm, creative community spaces, together we make new friends, teach and learn English, eat good hot food, share ideas, do activities, get advice, understand our rights, and support one another.

We are a registered charity. Our charity number is 1183261.

West London Welcome offers:

West London Welcome offers