14 March, 2018 - By Leyla Williams

Donate to support the Fulham 10K runners raising money for West London Welcome

The Fulham 10K route.

We are thrilled to have five people running the Fulham 10K this coming Sunday 18th March to raise money for the centre. The donations they receive will help us with the cost of hot lunches, paying a Living Wage to our refugee chefs, buying IT equipment, paying travel expenses to asylum seekers who visit us, and teaching materials for English classes. You have quite a selection of wonderful fundraisers to support, so good luck picking – or just throw a few coins everyone’s way…

  • You can donate on Hannah Copeland’s fundraising page here,
  • Edwin Evans’s fundraising page here,
  • Sandy Burnett’s fundraising page here,
  • Tamsin Defriez’s fundraising page here,
  • and Joanne Preston’s fundraising page here.

If you’re inspired to run the 10K for us too now, email us: wlondoncentre@gmail.com