29 April, 2022 - By Leyla Williams

Prince Charles Visits West London Welcome

Prince Charles visited our community at West London Welcome on Thursday 28 April, meeting many of our members and volunteers.

It was an important opportunity for the stories of our friends most affected by the hostile environment to be heard – he spoke with people who have crossed the Channel to seek safety here, who have been in detention, who have been trafficked, who have been waiting 18 months for an interview on their asylum claim, and who are banned from working and survive on only £8 per week from the Home Office. On his visit he expressed concern and a ‘need to do something’ about the situation of asylum-seeking people.

Read more about his visit to us in The Independent: www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/charles-hammersmith-turkey-the-sun-prince-of-wales-b2067649.html