Reza Beyad


Reza Beyad

Reza is a multi-lingual entrepreneur, philanthropist and fundraiser who is deeply committed to public service and the voluntary sector. He sits on the Board of several charities including the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Development Board. Reza has maintained an unwavering commitment to supporting the most vulnerable through his charity programmes. He works for mainly children’s charities and has a passionate belief in the “healing powers of robust compassion”.

A practicing Muslim, one of Reza’s main interests is to engage in constructive inter-faith dialogues and help build bridges between different faiths and communities. His own faith underpins his efforts to create a more caring, just, and inclusive society. In 2014, he was given the “Freedom of the City of London”.

Reza takes great pride in promoting and facilitating the work carried out by the staff and volunteers at the WLW and the challenges that face them.