Savraj Kaur


Savraj Kaur

Savraj is a non-profit leader with local and international experience. She has dedicated her career to empowering marginalised persons to make a life better for themselves and people they care about.

Savraj is currently Executive Director of UNITED in Hammersmith & Fulham, which she joined to establish the new foundation that improves the life chances of those most in need in the area. It distributed more than £275,000 in its first year as a charity.

Previously, Savraj worked in various philanthropy and communications roles in international development. This included travel for projects serving refugees and displaced persons from Syria, Iraq and Palestine, disabled children in Kenya and Tanzania, and disaster victims in India. Before this, she completed her MSc in Disasters, Adaptation and Development at King’s College London.

Savraj joined West London Welcome in her first ever trustee role, with a mission to bring great governance, energy, ideas and opportunities. She believes that the membership deserves only the best, and aims to support the team in giving them that.