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Dori’s story

Dori’s story

The family suddenly had to escape their hometown after threats from gangs and lost everything. Dori was exhausted from anxiety while struggling to survive on only £8 per week from the Home Office, and her children were subdued and had lost the ability to interact with others. The mother had no idea that the children had the option of going to school.

For the past few months we have supported Dori and her family to rebuild their confidence and trust in others, understand their rights as asylum seekers, and find friendship and respite in the West London Welcome community. Our volunteers slowly helped bring Dori’s children out of their shells and learn to laugh again, playing football with them outside and supporting them at our Children’s space.

“Before we found WLW my 9 year old son could not make eye contact with anyone and he was very angry. Now he is at school and we have good accommodation and better food, he smiles brightly and that gives me such peace.”

We found the family an experienced legal aid lawyer, helped to move them into better housing and give them new clothes, and provided them with fresh, nutritious food as they had been struggling to eat the unhealthy food given them at the hotel. The children enrolled in school and are thriving, and Dori has bonded with other mothers at our centre and has started taking English classes. Dori has told us that finding West London Welcome was like “finally seeing a light along a very dark and difficult road – thank you very much to all of you.”