19 January, 2022 - By admin

Sachin’s story

A victim of torture back in his home country while living in a war zone and being wrongly accused of being a member of a militant organisation, Sachin fled to the UK 17 years ago to claim asylum and live his life without fear. After arriving in London, Sachin was given Humanitarian Protection, legally worked for a number of years running his own businesses, and found friends and a partner. But in 2014 his permission to stay was revoked. He no longer had the right to work, couldn’t afford to rent anymore, and his life fell apart.

Over the past two years we have supported Sachin to get back on his feet and start a new life. We helped him to get off the streets and into safe housing, access our foodbank, and have given him financial support, a bike, a laptop, and phone credit. We found him a new, reputable legal aid lawyer to work with him on his fresh application to remain in the country. He now has a volunteer role at the centre and thrives in a support network of friends that he can count on for emotional and practical support.