07 April, 2019 - By Leyla Williams


West London Welcome’s Writing and Reading group have been writing Rimbaud-inspired poetry this spring. One of the group’s coordinators, Catherine Davidson, has been collecting the writings emerging from their sessions together.

On March 21, we looked at the French poet Arthur Rimbaud’s poem Voyelles. Gabriel read it to us in French, then we read a translation and some modern interpretations. In Voyelles, Rimbaud takes something neutral and abstract – a letter, like A or E – and gives it personality and a story by linking it first to a colour, then feelings and a series of images. It’s a good way to practice the freedom and sense of jumping into the dark that poetry brings.

B, pink, light, beauty
Z, black, suffering
around the world
the end of the world
C, white, calm,
a peaceful place
where everyone is welcome
C, world without danger

— by Betty

the circle of friendship
which grows
pale green at the beginning
darker, thicker green
as it grows and strengthens

by Maggi

G: Godly, grey sky
Water falling down on dry earth
To let us grow plants
Water to drink
Sea to be filled with fish to swim
And we go fishing and swimming
Sea from great grey sky filled with water
To sail around the world and transport
Items to different continents

— by Elizabeth

G: Green is the planting
Of God on earth, as green pastures.
Trees from green give oxygen to earth to breathe
Woodlands of green trees with blossoms
Of different colours of flowers
Green gives peace to mind
And calms the day
Fruits from green plants
And lovely love flowers
To the loved one
From green tree.

— by Elizabeth

R is red colour like sunset that is red
Red is the covenant between God and the world
Through the blood of Jesus.
Blood is red.
Jesus is our sunset.

— by Gabriel

G is the grey colour which represents wisdom.
In the elderly period of your life you’ll get grey.
Best friendship grows with grey like a good wife.

by Gabriel