15 June, 2022 - By Leyla Williams

We Stand Against the Rwanda Plan

Our community has been shocked by  government plans to send asylum-seeking people to Rwanda, and by their attempts this week to action these plans. This is an appalling new iteration of the ongoing, everyday hostile environment affecting refugees, migrants and asylum-seeking people in West London and across the UK, that curtails people’s rights and causes fear, distress and harm.

On June 13th we protested with our members and volunteers alongside hundreds of others outside the Home Office in central London to make our opposition to these plans loud and clear. On June 14th, thanks to the tireless work of lawyers, charity workers and campaigners, not a single person was sent to Rwanda, and we were proud to know many of those involved in stopping the plane.

We stand with our asylum-seeking friends for their rights and for justice. Here’s to them and our friends in law firms, charities and communities working with them in solidarity every day.